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Client: personal work
Product: arm chair

Material: White oak

Dimensions: w580 x d400 × h780mm

“COL_02”는 팔각형의 다리와 가죽 등받이를 가진 원목 화이트 오크의 안락의자이다. 팔각형: 원과 직사각형의 중간 형태로, 그것은 원과 비슷하게 생겼지만 평평한 표면에 맞닿는다. 이 팔각형의 다리에 대한 아이디어는 사각형에서 원형으로 나무 다리를 만드는 과정에서 착안했다. 팔각형의 각진 표면은 멀리서 볼 때 보다 실제로 앉아서 사용할 때 즐거운 디테일을 준다.

"COL_02" is an armchair of solid white oaks with octagonal-shaped legs and a leather backrest. octagonal: intermediate form of circle and rectangle. It looks similar to a circle but fits on a flat surface. In Buddhism, it is said that people's thoughts were viewed as squares, and the completion of the practice was viewed as a circle and the process of completion of the practice as octagonal. In fact, the idea of these octagonal-shaped legs came from the middle of making wood leg from square to round. This form was interesting, so I applied it to COL series.


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